Whole Seed Catalog

Our Whole Seed Catalog is a publication that should be in every serious gardener's household or gardening shop. Now that we have grown to carry more than 1800 varieties of heirloom seeds, we want to do more than just peddle seeds. We want to give you histories and stories behind those seeds and the people who grow them. We want to give you photos of vegetables, herbs, and flowers grown from those seeds. We want to give you the most complete and colorful catalog of heirloom seeds ever published. While Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company has been publishing a seed catalog for 17 years, this Whole Seed Catalog is only in its 2nd year of publication. As a trial publication in 2014, it was so widely and positively received that we knew we had to continue into 2015 the precedent we had established. The result is an even larger and more colorful Whole Seed Catalog this year! We have experienced an even warmer reception than with the first one.


The Whole Seed Catalog is a whopping 356 pages of text and photos that are sure to enhance your heirloom gardening experience. Available for just $7.95 on our website, it can also be purchased at many retail outlets that include Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods Market, Home Depot, Tractor Supply Company, and many other retail news stands. In this new and expanded edition, you will find many new and rare varieties of heirloom seeds and information about some of the people who travel the world gathering those seeds. Learn about some of our new favorite varieties, from amaranth to zucchini, and abutilon to zinnia. Then try some of these favorites in your own garden. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY NOW


This is only a small portion of our magnificent array of colors, shapes and sizes to be found in our sweet and hot peppers.  Whether you prefer hot or sweet, long and skinny or short and wide, smooth or ridged, you can find just what you're looking for in our selection.  


Look at this range of colors!  Our color categories include everything from white to so dark blue that they have “black” in their name.  Whether sweet or acidic, for fresh or canned use, you can find a variety that suits your needs for size, taste, productivity, and grow-ability.  Please check back often to see what we may be featuring.

Favorite New Varieties

We have so many new favorite varieties this year that it is hard to choose which ones to focus on first, but we have to start somewhere! Check some of these favorites.

Pusa Asita Carrot

Pusa Asita Black Carrot #JS254 has wowed us with its amazing looks and taste. This variety from India is so packed with nutritious anthocyanins that is practically black in color but tastes richer than a “regular” orange carrot. It is especially well suited the South because it does well in climates with shorter days.   

Hilton Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage, Hilton # OR140 is a wonderful oriental green that produced magnificently in our Missouri gardens. This rare variety produces medium-sized, barrel-shaped heads in just 70 days. Use this superior Napa-type Chinese cabbage in your own home-made kimchi or stir-fry, or eat these densely packed, crinkled, mild-tasting leaves raw in salads.   

Malaga Radish

Malaga Radish #RD142 is a beautiful deep plum purple/violet color that is so pretty in contrast with its snow white flesh. While we like the color, it is the mild taste of this round radish that grabs our attention to this Polish variety which stays firm and crisp over a long season.  

Violet Sparkle Sweet Pepper

Violet Sparkle Sweet Pepper #PP167 is our favorite new sweet pepper. One of the prettiest peppers grown in our Missouri gardens, these wedge-shaped peppers are purpled streaked with pale yellow and ripen to red. This Russian variety is not only lovely but also delicious, sweet, crisp and thick-walled.

Blue Gold Berries Tomato

Blue Gold Berries Tomato #TX121 is an incredibly beautiful cherry type tomato that also has a sweet rich taste. These very productive plants make tomatoes loaded with antioxidants and resistant to sunburn and cracking. The purple and yellow fruits hold up well on the vine or in storage. 

Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato

Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato #PL117 is both beautiful and and nutritious. With ivory-colored skin and brilliant purple flesh, this variety is documented to contain more of the potent antioxidant anthocyanins than blueberries. It is descended from the first sweet potatoes to reach Japan before 1500.

Patio Pink Lavatera

Patio Pink Lavatera #FL608 is a most beautiful new variety of edible flower. The satiny pink flowers bloom all summer on plants the seldom exceed 28 inches, making it perfect for the patio, borders, and beds.