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2013 - Spring
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2013 - Spring

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Topics include: Waste Not, Want Not, Snake Gourds, Down in the Pawpaw Patch, The Shakers' Sleuth of Canterbury, Granny's Magic Beans, In Search of Heirlooms, Roberta's... More than a Restaurant, Paulie Gee's, The Brooklyn Grange, Monolithic Monsanto & more. 84 pages.

2013 - Spring
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Astoria, OR
April 19, 2013
Full of Useful Information
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What are the pros? Thoroughly enjoyed magazine!

What are the cons? Even the ads were interesting


I ran across this magazine while waiting for my food in a restaurant. I found the articles quite interesting and useful. I really liked the piece on pawpaw fruit which I had never heard of before this magazine. I look forward to reading more of this issue and future issues.

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By abiele 19 Apr 2013

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