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Glen in Panama
Las Tablas, Las Santos province, Panama
August 13, 2015
Indigenous okra
Easy to Grow 4.5
EarlyMaturity 0.5

What are the pros? Easy to grow

What are the cons? Not much pods


I live in Panama and am familiar with this variety. Tall plants, thick main stalk, dinner plate shaped leaves. Incredibly hardy variety except that it does succumb to a yellow type virus. Takes many months to start producing depending on when planted. If planted during the rainy season, it has deep root system which makes it impervious to the long dry season here. Not a good producer. Last planting took me 4 months to see the first pod. Then, pods came at about a rate of 2 per week. Some plants had no pods at all. Produces over a very long period. Lives much longer than US derived esculentus. Behaves more like African okra than US okra but I have no way to identify this plant. Locals pretty much only remember using this plant to roast the seed and make coffee. I have never met anyone who actually eats the pods. I have though, and they are quite good. I don't recommend this variety for US back yard growers as I believe that this variety is photoperiod sensitive.

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st. louis, MO
January 11, 2015
More please
Easy to Grow 2.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? fast, hearty grower

What are the cons? hard to germinate


I had trouble getting these to germinate, but it was a COLD summer. I finally got got one to go in September. It grew 3 ft tall quickly with a thick stalk. Then a cold snap withered its leaves, but it sprung back when the weather warmed. I even got some flowers before a freze killed it for good. I hope Baker Creek gets more of these. I still want to try the coffee and that was my last seed.

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