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Allu Jola Popping Sorghum
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Allu Jola Popping Sorghum (50 seeds) (ww121) $4.00

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Allu Jola Popping Sorghum

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This rare landrace from the Kalaburagi District of Karnataka State in India was first identified by USDA in 1991. It’s known by a number of native names because its popularity with farmers in that part of India is due to the fact that it is short season with a seed harvest in 90 to 100 days. But after comparing this variety against other popping sorghums we discovered hands down this is one of the best culinary popping sorghums going and should be better known to American growers. The plants reach a height of 7 feet and begin to flower in 60 to 70 days. The heads are uniform and easy to harvest. Our seed was grown organically for the Roughwood Seed Collection by the Experimental Farm Network of Elmer, New Jersey. Our plants were bagged for seed purity in the field and the seeds hand selected.

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