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Baobab, (Adansonia digitata) (5 seeds) (JS163) $3.50
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Baobab, (Adansonia digitata)

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The Baobab is called the tree of life in the Sahel, because it furnishes everything from shade, to bark to food. As a food source, the baobab is extraordinary. Everything from the leaves to the shoots to the fruit pulp and seeds are eaten. The unusual dry “foam” like flesh of the fruits are crunched up and soaked in water to make a wonderful and extremely nutritious drink. For home gardeners not living in the tropics, The Baobab can be a very fun houseplant. The seeds need to be nicked to germinate and kept moist and very warm (85-95 degrees!). When the small plants are 3-5 inches high they can be transplanted to larger pots and grown outdoors during the warm months in semi-sun. The leaves can be eaten and make an interesting salad vegetable as well as cooked green!
Baobab, (Adansonia digitata)
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Caledonia, MI, United States
October 2, 2015
Cool Plant Tree of Life
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? Cool plant to have

What are the cons? germination can be difficult


I germinated 3 of these and all are doing well. As crazy as it sounds, it is imperative that you pour boiling hot water over these and let them cool in the water. Once you've done this, you are good to go. I've had 3 of 4 germinate this way. Germination times vary. I had one germinate within a couple days, one after a couple weeks, and one after a month. Once they germinate they grow pretty fast. My little seedling has sprung up to 2ft tall and 1.5ft wide. I tried to just do hot water with a second batch and had zero germination as a back up.

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