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Bitter Orange
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Bitter Orange (20 seeds) (JS162) $3.00
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Bitter Orange

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Very few people imagine that there exists an orange that will grow in Michigan , yet there is just such a fruit, mind you, it is not as sweet as a navel orange and you won't be making regular orange juice out of it! The so called Bitter Orange or Chinese Bitter Orange is native to NorthWest Asia extending from China all the way up into Korea. This is an ornamental plant that has dark green foliage that Joe seems to believe maintains its foliage through the winter. The fruits are odorous, somewhat lemony, but then rather "turpentinish" as well. Historically the fruits have been soaked in alcohol to make a flavored tincture that some chefs down through the ages have used as a flavoring. In any case it is cool to see the golf ball size fruits hanging on the green trees in the snow. Joe remembers one particular occasion in the Caucasus mountains in Georgi ( former U.S.S.R.) when he stumbled on this plant and was mesmerized as it grew in a very snowy area. The seeds germinate readily and will form a small plant the first year, some shelter should be given in harsh climates. The plant is grown as far north as USDA Zone 5 in North America. The picture shows a regular orange against the much smaller Bitter Orange for size perspective. The seeds offered here were harvested from plants in the USA. The seeds are kept moist in a refrigerator, and are ready for immediate planting when received. They have already been cold treated (stratified) for 3 months.

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