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Thornless Blackberry Assortment (PRE ORDER) Enlarge View
Thornless Blackberry Assortment (PRE ORDER)
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Blackberry, Thornless Assortment (3 Plants, Ships April-June) (PL147) $15.00
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Blackberry, Thornless Assortment (3 Plants, Ships April-June)

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Grow your own tasty blackberries at home without the pain of thorns! This assortment of blackberries features high yielding and super sweet varieties tolerant to a wide range of climates from zones 3-9. Thornless blackberries are easy to grow and the rewards are impressive yielding loads of nutritious fruit. Includes 3 small plants. We are super excited to be offering a selection of live plants, these are produced for us by tissue culture, a natural process that produces plants that are generally high-quality and disease free. We have some stunning new food crops in our plant listing, we hope you will try some of the exciting rare plants we offer this year. Pre-order now, as supplies on some these will be limited. The plants we ship are small, but sturdy, and we offer a 30 day guarantee on live plants. Most plants will be 6”-12” in height. Plants will ship as available after the first of April to the end of June. We will ship orders to southern zones first. No guaranteed delivery dates. No orders shipped outside of the USA. No Extra shipping costs, just pay our regular $3.50. (PRE-ORDER PLANTS WILL SHIP AFTER APRIL 1, 2017)
Blackberry, Thornless Assortment (3 Plants, Ships April-June)
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Daniel W
Keene, TX, United States
April 28, 2016
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What are the pros? Very healthy and stout

What are the cons? None yet


They sent me 1- chester, 1-sweetie pie, 1- triple crown. They are short but have amazing root systems. Once i got ship notification they arrived 3 days faster then expected.

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