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Borbor Giant Mediterranean Lupine (20 seeds) (JS165) $3.50
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Borbor Giant Mediterranean Lupine

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(Lupinus albus) Most gardeners in North America don’t know very much about this treasure of a food producing plant. Not only is Lupinus albus a world class pulse crop…it has been continuously cultivated for more almost 2500 years in Egypt and the Mediterranean. Today in Italy the cultivation of large seeded varieties is popular and throughout Italy “Lupini Beans” are offered as snacks in bars and before meals. Lupines are generally recognized as “inedible” by American gardeners. This variety and others that we are offering for the first time this year are domesticated- cultivated crops. They should be planted as early as the ground can be worked. Lupines thrive in the cooler weather of early spring. Joe does not know how long these will take to produce ripe seed, however, from 3-4 months is probably the average. Good fertile soil is important. If you grow these well you will also be rewarded with beautiful flowers! The preparation of the final harvest is quite easy--the seeds are soaked for a day or two with water changes to leach out bitterness and the seeds are salted and enjoyed. Lupine seeds are extremely nutritious and have up to 50 protein content!


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