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Kettle Falls, WA
September 16, 2014
Great Onion
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 2.0

What are the pros? lg sz, beautiful color, taste

What are the cons? none


I have grown this for 3 years and I am always impressed with the size and color of this onion. I am in zone 5 with long summer days, but a relatively short season. This year my largest onion was almost 2 lbs (1.84lbs) and the smallest was .93 lbs. Keeps for several months, but not through the winter like some. The color is stunning, a red and bronze-y mix and when cut you get beautiful white slices with a tinge of purple. It was the last of my onions to mature this year (after Walla Walla, Australian Brown, Red Weathersfield and White Bermuda)m maturing a couple of weeks later than the last of the others. I started seeds at the end of Feb.for planting out in May. I harvested these on Aug. 29.

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