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Carosello Barattiero Melon
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Carosello Barattiero Melon (10 seeds) (JS222) $3.50
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Carosello Barattiero Melon

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The Carosello Barattiero Melon, is another one of the special "Cucumber" melons from Southern Italy. These melons have been selected and harvested over centuries for the express purpose of eating as young delicately crunchy delicious salad vegetables. When asked how they taste: Joe remarks that they are crunchy, crisp, almost nutty and really delicious, better than cucumbers. Almost everyone loves Italian food, and that is for a good reason, Italians have good taste when it comes to food! These "cucumber melons" are no exception, they are delicious. Grow as melons, harvest them when they are about 4- 5 inches (still green and tender) and use them in salads just like a cucumber, most likely you will find that the skin is not worth peeling off- it is good too! Hope you enjoy this variety as much as we do!


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