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Chochos (Lupinus mutabilis) (20 seeds) (JS184) $4.00

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Chochos (Lupinus mutabilis)

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The Chocho or Tarwhi is one of the most amazing foodplants on the planet yet, it is hardly known outside of the Andes where it has been grown for centuries, Chocho is a super nutrient packed relative of common lupines that has adapted to high elevations in the Andes. As of recent it is being promoted as a new super-food because it is nutritious and very high in protein. The seeds are about a 3/8ths of an inch in diameter and they are produced in pods that are not two dissimilar to pea pods. The dried seeds need to be soaked in water which is changed many times over a two or three day period to leach out certain bitter compounds. After that, the seeds can be salted and refrigerated and thoroughly enjoyed as snacks. In Ecuador, Chochos were once considered poor food, now they are one of the coolest foods you can eat, because they are now considered indigenous cuisine! Chocho or Tarwhi will do best in cooler coastal areas, at this stage they have been crown in many parts of the states with varying degrees of success. If you are curious and ready to learn, this is certainly a plant worth cultivating. Save your seeds and replant them, eventually they will become supremely adapted to your own climate.

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