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Colombian Marble Bean

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Colombia is another super diversity spot for the common bean. There are thousands of varieties of beans grown in Colombia and most of those by a single farmer/gardener! This large round marble shaped bean has actually reached commercial production because it is such a wonderful bean. Many of them reach the size of a marble. They are soaked overnight in Colombia and used in hundreds of dishes. Joe suggests using them just like you would a good size soup bean or kidney bean. They have a rich meaty flavor. May do better farther south , because they are from near the equator. A really nice sized pretty bean!

Colombian Marble Bean
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Paul Howard
May 2, 2014
The Bola Roja Bean
Easy to Grow 2.0
EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? Very tasty and nutritious...

What are the cons? Slow in sprouting and growing


This legume is known in Colombia as the "bola roja" or "red ball" bean. My wife is Colombian and I have spent several months traveling and learning about the culture and cuisine. This bean is the most popular (along with one known as the "cargamanto" or "mantle wearing") bean in most of the country, only the black bean is more popular in the coastal regions. The bola roja appear on most plates of typical Colombian food. I brought some beans (from a supermarket package) home once and planted some. It took a long time for some to sprout and the season was over before I could harvest. Perhaps the ones I planted were old or not suitable (for some reason) in the first place for planting. I would love to try again with some good seeds. This legume is worth almost any effort!

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By Paul Howard 2 May 2014

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