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Granny Peck
Reno, NV
July 30, 2014
U NEED a FigLeafed Hollyhock
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? easy reseed, great background

What are the cons? kind'a itchy even after wash'n


This multi-functional plant is perfect in every way! These perennials are wonderful, smell heavenly, get over 6' high and 3' wide.... planted seeds last summer and new plants came up in my sunny side yard in spring and are coming up this summer in my partially shaded front yard!!!! A couple of plants stayed green and overwintered right through the snow in my zone 7a climate. They produce tons and tons of seeds ... at least 20-30 for each flower... entire plant is edible (I use the flowers candied on cakes and the leaves, stems and roots in stews) and they make excellent medicinal soaps, poultices and teas too (except for the seeds)... though your neighbors probably don't know that unless they are preppers... lol... Worth every penny for this wonderful multi-functional plant.

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