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Garnet Rice Bean
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Garnet Rice Bean (60 seeds) (JS130) $3.00
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Garnet Rice Bean

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(Vigna umbellata) A recent scholarly report declared that Rice Beans are being marginalized and ignored . Part of the problem is that Rice Beans don’t perfectly lend themselves to mass cultivation.. they are climbers, they produce hundreds of pods and they need a little extra attention to harvest. For the home gardener in the southern states, rice beans are an exceptionally interesting and fun bean to try. Rice beans are unique, they are small, ( many of them about the size of a grain of rice-hence the name), and they cook up quite deliciously pairing well with ..rice ..naturally. Rice beans are cultivated in many parts of the world including sub-Saharan Africa and S.E Asia. They are daylength sensitive plants, so in the far north there is little chance of them setting pods even though they will grow like crazy. In the south they are likely to mature with little problem.

Garnet Rice Bean
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Sleepy Hollow, NY, United States
February 26, 2015
Wrong Strain
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What are the pros? Interesting bean

What are the cons? May be wrong type for US


While I have not as yet tried these rice beans, I DO have some experience with growing rice beans (using seed bought in Chinatown being sold for food.). Based on my experience and the picture, I think the problem may be that Joe got the wrong strain on his trip. There are a lot of strains out there, but they fall into two main groups. What seems to be here is the Southern strain, which is indeed too day length sensitive to flower and make seed for most of the US. But there is another strain, differing in average seed size (it's a bit bigger) and color (the red is lighter, more of a brick/hot dog color) that is somewhat more tolerant (I can get a crop off of that one here in NY so for most of the country, it would be easy.) Not to disparage Joe's work, just a heads up should he be back in China hunting any time soon.

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