Garden Berries

Sacramento, CA
June 14, 2014
Planting Tips
Easy to Grow 3.5
EarlyMaturity 2.5

What are the pros? Sweet yet tart, good yield

What are the cons? Takes long to ripen


After reading some reviews, I wanted to share my thoughts. I germinated from seed 2 years ago and after transplanting in early May, I did not see any ripe fruit until late September. I received maybe 15 that year. When frost hit, I let the plant die and did not cut the dead leaves/stem off and mulched. Late February (2014) it started to grow back. Now, the plant is 4 feet tall with about 75 fruit. It started growing fruit early May and started ripening from the bottom up in early June. For those who think the fruit is tart, you MUST wait until the fruit falls off the branch. You pick them up from the ground and can eat right away, or store for up to 2 weeks. Only THEN is the fruit true to flavor. I really like the sweet/tart taste. Reminds me of a pineapple and cherry. Also, my fruit this year is slightly smaller than a cherry but last year they were tiny like blueberries. The plant also grows like a tomato, with suckers you'll want to prune. I hope this helped some people!

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By karizma916 14 Jun 2014

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