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Golden Midget Watermelon Enlarge View
Golden Midget Watermelon
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Golden Midget Watermelon 1 oz (1 oz seeds) (WM107C) $9.00

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Golden Midget Watermelon 1 oz

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70 days. A beautiful miniature watermelon that weighs around 3 lbs. It's easy to tell when they are ripe, as the rind turns a lovely golden yellow when ready for harvest, a very beautiful contrast with the salmon-pink colored flesh. The taste is sweet and refreshing. Very early, matures in just 70 days. Developed by the late Dr. Elwyn Meader, UNH in 1959. Unique.

Golden Midget Watermelon 1 oz
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Number of Reviews: 1
Easy to Grow 2.5
EarlyMaturity 5.0

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Hummelstown, PA
July 1, 2013
Mini watermelon
Easy to Grow 2.5
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Interesting, doesn't take up m

What are the cons? Taste


Had some trouble growing this. Maybe its a heavy feeder? And maybe the trouble I had getting it going and keeping it growing affected the taste? I thought it was a bit bland. But try again next year.

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