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Helianthus Argophyllus (Silver Leafed) Sunflower Enlarge View
Helianthus Argophyllus (Silver Leafed) Sunflower
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Helianthus Argophyllus (Silver Leafed) Sunflower (10 seeds) (JS157) $2.50
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Helianthus Argophyllus (Silver Leafed) Sunflower

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(Helianthus argophyllus) Joe collected these gems where they grow naturally; on Padre Island near Corpus Christi Texas. He remembers how beautiful they were: “ With their velvety silver leaves shining against the blue blue sky and a million yellow flowers reaching upward.” The Silver Leafed Sunflower is a beautiful and familiar wildflower that graces some coastal areas of the gulf. For the rest of us, it is a little known beauty. These plants do well in hot relatively dry climates. If you water them too much they get “sad”, so be sparing on the water, they like to have roots that are not soaking all the time! Apart from that, they should shoot to the sky. While some report them as getting six feet high, Joe noted plants as high as 10 feet. Joe imagines that people like Alan Kapuler (a noted Sunflower enthusiast) would find this species wonderful for creating new and amazing crosses with who knows? Giant Silvery Velvety Leaves and jumbo flowers.


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