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Herbal Nail Fungus Soak
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Herbal Nail Fungus Soak (NFS101) $14.95
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Herbal Nail Fungus Soak

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Herbal Nail Fungus Soak is an effective way to treat nail fungus. The formula was created by herbalist Jim Long of Long Creek Herb Farm. The box includes enough herbs, when combined with 4 cups of pasteurized apple cider vinegar, to soak daily for 2 months. The formula is made from a combination of organically-grown antifungal herbs that are proven to treat fungus on fingernails and toenails, as well as athlete's foot and cracking heel. We think you will be pleased. Complete directions and tips for healthy nails are included. (net wt .75oz)

Herbal Nail Fungus Soak
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December 29, 2011
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

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You will feel the difference after just one soak and within days see a difference!!!

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By Jose 29 Dec 2011

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