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Hirayama Kai Choy (100 seeds) (JS112) $3.00
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Hirayama Kai Choy

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Leave it up to the cabbage family to be confusing!  Sorting out who belongs to what is a real challenge with mustards, cabbages and such. Kai Choy or Gai Choy is simply leafy edible leafed mustard.  The scientific name is Brassica juncea and there are about as many forms of this plant as there are people in Chicago! This special variety is a fast growing succulent tasty leafed variety that was selected by Chik Hirayama on the island of Molokai, Hawaii. It has become a favorite in hot humid areas where the scourge of white rust is prevalent.  "Hirayama" is resistant to this disease which means that in areas where it is hot and humid you can have a much extended crop. Hirayama Kai Choy is ready to harvest in 40-60 days and it will do perfectly fine in gardens everywhere with adequate moisture.  It will do best with temperatures not over 90.


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