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Black Green Hopi squash Enlarge View
Black Green Hopi squash
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Hopi Black Green Squash (15 seeds) (SQ242) $3.50
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Hopi Black Green Squash

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(C. mixta) 105-110 days. Here is a unique and colorful native Hopi Indian variety. The fruit weigh 15 lbs. and are pear shaped; they have a deep green skin color and yellow flesh. A good squash for warm climates. Very rare!

Hopi Black Green Squash
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Vals Veggies
Baker City, OR, United States
February 20, 2015
Awesome Tasting Squash
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What are the pros? Great flavor!!

What are the cons? Took a long time to cook.


Every year we grow lots of different squash, this year we were able to eat this one, however we only got 1 that was ready for storage when Jack Frost came by to visit. There were lots and lots of them on the vine, but if the stem is not dying or drying up, when you pick them, they won't keep. The shell was very hard but the contents were worth all the effort to get to the yellow flesh. It looked like spaghetti when it started to cook, but as it got to the done stage all the strings went away. It was very, very sweet, we like our squash with a little bit of butter and salt, and if it needs sugar… well we go and get a different one. The picture of the one here is just like the one we ate.

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