Grains and Cover Crops

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Kansas City, MO
December 13, 2014
Good Grain
Easy to Grow 3.5
EarlyMaturity 3.5

What are the pros? Useful, for grain & mulch

What are the cons? None


This is a great crop, easier than most grains to clean but still harder than something like amaranth. I highly recommend this for a cover, mulch, or food crop; especially for those meaning to clean the grain by hand. I planted several test plots of this last year here in KC, those that were planted later or in more sun tended not to do well at all but we did have an extraordinarily warm spring and wet summer. A lot of this got knocked down by high winds and heavy rain, only what I had in partial shade managed to come back and produce during our oddly mild summer. I still managed to harvest an okay amount of seed, but I didn't get as much as I planted unfortunately. I do plan to plant a larger area this coming spring and get it in the ground earlier.

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