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Love-Lies-Bleeding - Red Amaranth

Love-Lies-Bleeding - Red Amaranth 1 oz AM103C

60 days. Tall, 3’- 4’ plants are covered with very long rope-like flowers... Read More
Honeydew Tam Dew Melon

Honeydew Tam Dew Melon 1 OZ AML103C

100 days. Beautiful, ivory green fruit, deep green - very sweet flesh with... Read More
Honeydew Orangeflesh Melon

Honeydew Orangeflesh Melon 1 oz AML104C

98 days. Light green smooth skin and orange flesh. An orange-fleshed version... Read More
Honey Rock Melon

Honey Rock Melon 1 OZ. AML105C

80 days. An early heirloom melon, 3-4 lbs. with thick sweet firm deep-salmon... Read More
Crenshaw Melon

Crenshaw Melon 1 oz AML107C

105 days. Large melons with wonderful sweet flavor! A family favorite,... Read More
Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte Melon

Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte Melon 1 oz. AML110C

This historic heirloom was grown by Thomas Jefferson in 1794. It was offered... Read More
Banana Melon

Banana Melon 1 oz AML113C

90 days. Banana-shaped fruit with smooth yellow skin and sweet, spicy salmon... Read More
Green Globe Artichoke

Green Globe Artichoke 1 oz AR101C

Tasty; needs a fairly long, mild growing season, or grow as an annual.... Read More
Mary Washington

Mary Washington Asparagus 1 oz AS101C

Popular variety, long green spears. Great taste and has been the most popular... Read More
Royalty Purple Pod Bush Bean

Royalty Purple Pod Bush Bean 1/2 lb BN101F

Bush, 56 days. Tender, bright purple pods turn green when cooked. Very... Read More
bean golden wax

Golden Wax Bush Bean 1/2 lb BN104F

55 days. Delicious golden-yellow pods are stringless and are of good quality... Read More
bean homestead

Old Homestead (Kentucky Wonder) Bean 1/2 lb BN105F

65 days. This homesteaders’ heirloom was first mentioned in The Country... Read More
Roma II Bush Bean

Roma II Bush Bean 1/2 LB BN107F

Bush, 55 days. This is an improved Romano, bush type, green bean that produces... Read More
Bean blue lake

Blue Lake Bush 274 Bean 1/2 lb BN119F

60 days. This dark-green bean has been a standard for over 40 years. The... Read More
calabrese broccoli

Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli 1 OZ BR101C

An Italian heirloom brought to America in the 1880s; 5”-8” heads and many... Read More
Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli 1 oz BR102C

An English heirloom variety, bred for overwintering. Produces lots of purple... Read More
Romanesco Italia Broccoli

Romanesco Italia Broccoli 1 oz BR104C

The true and popular Italian heirloom with spiraling, apple-green heads... Read More
long is brussels sprouts

Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts 1 oz BS101C

100 days. The standard open-pollinated variety since the 1890’s. Heavy... Read More
golden beet

Golden Beet 1 oz BT102C

55 days. This variety dates back to the 1820s or before. The beets are... Read More
albino beet

Albino Beet 1 oz BT108C

55 days. A pure white, fairly smooth round heirloom beet from Holland.... Read More

Snowball Self-Blanching Cauliflower 1 oz CA101C

An old, white type; ivory heads, good size. The standard American favorite... Read More
purple sicily ca103

Purple of Sicily Cauliflower 1 oz CA103C

Beautiful, brilliant purple heads weigh 2-3 lbs and are of a fine, sweet... Read More
Nero Di Toscana Cabbage

Nero Di Toscana Cabbage 1 oz CB101C

60 days. This loose-leafed cabbage dates back to the early 1800’s at least.... Read More
early jersey wakefield

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage 1 oz CB103C

70 days. Introduced in the 1840’s, with tasty, 2-lb, sweet and flavorful,... Read More
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