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Indian Curved Pod Lablab Bean
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Indian Curved Pod Lablab Bean (30 seeds) (JS135) $3.50
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Indian Curved Pod Lablab Bean

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(Dolichos lablab) This is another Lablab Bean with a very long history of use in Asian cuisine. This particular variety hails from India where it is used extensively as both a dry legume and a fresh vegetable. The tender pods and flowers are edible, and even the dried seeds are, however, the dried seeds conceivably have “bitter or unpalatable skins, so the normal measure of preparation is to soak the beans overnight and decorticate them by squeezing the skins off. After the dried beans are “skinned” they are boiled and prepared much the same as any other beans—and in a myriad of ways. Some people boil them first and then pinch the skins off. Lablab are not used much by westerners, however they merit much greater interest.


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