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Indu - Sponge Gourd (8 seeds) (JS289) $4.00
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Indu - Sponge Gourd

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Indu Sponge Gourd, (Lagenaria aegyptica) The sponge gourd is also what we call the luffa. We know it for growing a vegetable “bath sponge,” but in most other parts of the world, it is eagerly selected for its fine quality as a cooked vegetable. This variety from North Central India is deep green, long, and tapered to a distinct point at the bud tip. The fruits are harvested while still very tender and then used in just about every way that Americans use zucchinis. The nice thing about the Indu Sponge Gourd is that it will take a lot of hot, humid weather that a zucchini squash will not. If you live in the deep south, this may become your new preferred summer vegetable “squash”! Plants are very easy to grow; they are real climbers and will take on an old fence or even barn!

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