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Karam Saag (Haak) Kashmiri - Collards Enlarge View
Karam Saag (Haak) Kashmiri - Collards
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Karam Saag (Haak) Kashmiri - Collards (50 seeds) (WW141) $4.00
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Karam Saag (Haak) Kashmiri - Collards

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Kashmiri Collards are among the rarest Brassicas available outside India. We believe we are the first to commercially offer this unusual Himalayan cabbage which is treated in local cuisine like spinach. This collard is so tender it can be eaten raw but more important in northern Indian cuisine it is normally prepared as a spicy puree. This collard is one of the basic kitchen greens in North Indian cookery and we are proud to offer it because it represents a treasure trove of nutrients for vegan-minded cooks. Plants are roughly 26 inches in height and should be spaced 15 inches apart. Not winter hardy north of Zone 7. This biennial prefers a Mediterranean winter.

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