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Keli Kheli Melon
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Keli Kheli Melon (15 seeds) (JS256) $3.75

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Keli Kheli Melon

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India is much smaller than the U.S., however it has three times the population and a history that goes back at least 5000 years. There are hundreds and hundreds of ethnic groups in India. All of this human diversity has also resulted in an immense diversity of crops. Melons are loved everywhere in India, they are eaten not only as sweet fruits but also are selected and used for salad use ( like semi-sweet cucumbers) or even as staples ( some can be cooked in stews and goulashes--check out the Malabar Vellary type offered by Joe in the Oman section). This gorgeous melon is one of the salad types, a Sikh Melon guy in Delhi, India told Joe that this was a popular variety for fresh eating, he said that the fruit was slightly sweet and slightly acidic, making it great for use in green salads and/or fruit salad mixes. We are sure that this melon will rival the likes of the Tigger melon in beauty... and probably in popularity. The painting for this melon was done by our friend Amy Glasser who is a young artist with a real talent for Botanicals. Thanks Amy!


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