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Lampascioni Carosello Sparedda Leccese Bianco Melon (15 seeds) (JS209) $3.50

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Lampascioni Carosello Sparedda Leccese Bianco Melon

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Among rare varieties of “cucumber melons,” from the deep south of Italy comes this treasured heirloom. The so called “cucumber melons” are raised as salad vegetables and picked while still immature. They have a fantastic nutty taste and are exquisite in salads or eaten right out of hand. They will grow well anywhere that melons grow and will even grow in the north if planted with some heat-gathering mulch . If you intend to save seeds, be sure to allow the fruits to grow to maturity and then harvest them, as the young cucumber-like fruits won’t have any seeds! These are great new vegetables to try and are sure to amaze you with their uniqueness.

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