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Eureka, CA, United States
May 22, 2015
Difficult Germination
Easy to Grow 2.0
EarlyMaturity 2.0

What are the pros? Pretty bug resistant foliage

What are the cons? Hard Germination


I started about half a pack of these in late February. I live in Northern California (Humboldt County) and have mild-nonexistent winters, but cool summers. As in, 65 F average daytime temperature. I started these on a hotbed with grow lights. I also started three other types of eggplants. Weeks went by, and I had large healthy looking plants from my other varieties, however these had just now put up two tiny plants. I pampered these the way I thought I should, however, they shriveled up and died. I am thinking maybe it was too warm for them, because I started the other half of the seeds with lower heat (since I had turned it down now that all of my other plants were started) and slowly, I got a few plants, and then a few more. These are slightly stunted, possibly due to the fact that I started he second batch late. I will add a new review if and when they fruit.

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