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Malabar Vellary melon (8 seeds) (JS232) $4.50
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Malabar Vellary melon

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The diversity of melons is truly incredible. This beauty probably originated in India, however, it is now grown extensively in South West Oman. It is unlike any other melon that Joe has found, The flesh is very white and surprisingly starchy! It is an excellent cooked vegetable, The Omani's use it in their cuisine like the indians do to add good carb value to meals. It should do extremely well wherever other melons are grown. It is an exceptionally beautiful melon. One of the staff here at Baker Creek remarked that it looks like an elongate Tigger Melon( one of our most beautiful melons!) This is a beauty with very good food value, albeit, not like sweet melons, but more like a potato! Very Rare, Please save your seeds and share them!

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