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Manoa Wonder Pole
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Manoa Wonder Pole Bean (20 seeds) (JS119) $3.00
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Manoa Wonder Pole Bean

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In hot humid regions growing green snap beans can be a real challenge. plant breeders at the University of Hawaii way back in the late 1940’s crossed “Alabama # 1” with a local variety called Hawaiian Wonder to create Manoa Wonder. The great strength of Manoa Wonder is that it is resistant to root-knot nematodes- a scourge of bean growers in the hot tropics. In the early trials at Poamoho Experimental farms, breeders were amazed at the resistance of Monoa Wonder. When other beans were almost defoliated because of the nematode infestations Manoa wonder was growing along just fine. For more than 60 years it has been a favorite of Hawaiian gardeners and now we our proud to offer it to gardeners everywhere. Manoa Wonder is a pole bean which produces loads of flat green pods about 5-6 inches long. A great bean for the tropics and the humid south.


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