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Mrs Aquillard's Cushaw
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Mrs. Aquillard's Cushaw Squash (10 seeds) (SQ261) $3.00

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Mrs. Aquillard's Cushaw Squash

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(C.mixta) 105 days Mrs. Aquillard grew and sold these squashes in Chainainger, Evangeline Parish, Louisiana, for many years. There, she would wheel out a shopping cart full, leave it alongside the road, and her customers would deposit money in a box. As a landrace type, this includes a number of forms and colors, including white long neck and short neck types, some stripes and some golden. Originally collected by our friend Kurt Bridges.

Mrs. Aquillard's Cushaw Squash
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Lewisburg, TN
January 29, 2015
Pretty in the garden huge
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.5

What are the pros? Easy to grow, productive

What are the cons? none


Because of an extremely rainy spring last year I was later with all of my planting and didn't get the plants in the ground until the third week of June and crossed my fingers that I would have a harvest... well all three of the Mrs. Aquillard's Cushaw squash made it as well as two Guatemalan Blue and one Black Futsu, I harvested roughly 160 pounds of squash from the 6 plants approximately 15 pounds were Black Futsu, 40 pounds were Guatemalan Blue and the remaining 100 or so pounds were these Cushaws ....they are decorative and I found three distinct colors among my Mrs. Aquillard's and although I wouldn't describe them as sweet they were tasty when served with either butter, salt and pepper or butter and brown sugar...the only thing to watch out for is slightly uneven cooking leaving some quash still firm while the rest was able to puree as soup.I think that you could avoid this by cutting the bottom of the squash into smaller pieces...these things are massive one will fill the oven.

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