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Navajo Winter Watermelon
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Navajo Winter Watermelon (10 seeds) (WM185) $3.00
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Navajo Winter Watermelon

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85 days. Thick light green to striped rind; medium pink to red crisp, sweet flesh. Fruits have been known to keep for up to four months. Expect unusual drought tolerance from this eminent variety from the American Southwest.

Navajo Winter Watermelon
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Number of Reviews: 1
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

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Lisa Culbertson
Iola, TX
July 14, 2014
Excellent little watermelon
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Sweet and juicy.

What are the cons? None at this time.


This is the first year for garden at this location, in poor soil. These little melons are the perfect size for one person. They are the only melon that did well this year. I definitely plan to plant them again next year. I love the sweet, crisp, juicy flesh in this watermelon!

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By Lisa Culbertson 14 Jul 2014

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