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Palanda Papaya, Vasconcellea palandensis Enlarge View
Palanda Papaya, Vasconcellea palandensis
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Palanda Papaya, Vasconcellea palandensis (5 seeds) (JSGR103) $5.00

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Palanda Papaya, Vasconcellea palandensis

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The Palanda Papaya is without doubt the rarest papaya on earth, it is known to grow only on a couple of mountaintops in what was formerly rainforests. The plant is highly endangered because local landowners are clearing the forests and cutting down the plants for cattle range. Without some attention to replanting this unique fruit it is indeed in danger of extinction. It should not be, The fruits have lots of viable seeds and a few motivated individuals could easily grow seedlings and plant them in the nearby villages and backyards. But as of yet, no one seems to pay any attention. The fruit is almost spherical, when cut the thick rind exudes an opaque milk that is full of the enzyme paparin ( a prime ingredient in the meat tenderizer Accent). Inside, is a ball of translucent flesh embedded with the dark seds, The ball breaks apart into five segments not unlike a tangerine segment in form. Shockingly, the segments taste like tangerine! This plant could probably be grown in cooler tropical areas or as a plant in a big pot that you would move outside in the summer. It is likely that more than one plant would be necessary for pollination. A must for the serious fruit hobbyist. Seeds are likely dormant and will be a challenge to germinate. Papaya should be a key, and it is likely that they could take a quite a while 1-3 months to germinate.

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