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Punjab Round Bottle Gourd (10 seeds) (JS245) $4.00
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Punjab Round Bottle Gourd

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(Lagenaria siceraria) Gourds are often considered to be just useful or ornamental objects after they are properly cured and prepared, however in Southern Europe, Asia and Africa young gourds are also relished as vegetables. In certain varieties selected specifically for vegetable use, the fruits are tastier than the ever popular zucchini squash. Gourds are easy to grow they love heat and sun, and they produce bumper crops. This Punjab Round variety is a very popular in central and western India. The young vegetable about 5-6 inches across is cut up and used in stews, curries and any dish that we in North America would use summer squash in. Flavor is mild and delicate lending itself to a myriad of condiments. A great new vegetable to try in your garden this summer.


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