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Pusa Ujwal - Wax Gourd (10 seeds) (JS240) $3.50
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Pusa Ujwal - Wax Gourd

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Wax gourds are beautiful melon-like fruits that look like waxy gourds. Some of them are green in color, while some, like Pusa Ujwal, are grayish blue-white or even pure white as in the case of some varieties. The skin of wax gourd is covered with wax which presumably protects the fruits from certain insect attacks. Wax gourds are not well known in the USA; however, they are a scrumptious vegetable that is easy to grow and is useful in soups, stews and even salads. The pure white, crisp crunchy, fresh flesh of a wax gourd lends itself to many different culinary uses. The vines thrive in hot and humid conditions, and they are relatively disease free. They should make a great crop for the southern states. They need at least 110 days to mature and will continue to produce for some time. Pusa Ujwal is a compact, blocky variety that was created at the PUSA research station in Delhi, India. It is considered a very good open-pollinated variety and is very productive.

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