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Rampicante Zuccherino
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Rampicante Zuccherino Melon (25-50 seeds) (ML126) $2.75

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Rampicante Zuccherino Melon

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80 days. The name means "climbing sugar melon." Traditionally grown on trellis or other support, but may be left to creep along the soil's surface. Fruits run 2 to 2 ½ lbs. Sweet salmon-to-orange flesh. A fine Italian heirloom that is quite delicious.
Rampicante Zuccherino Melon
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Joplin, MO
April 29, 2014
Yuck Bad Seed
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What are the pros? Tropical Fragrance

What are the cons? taste


We grew 15 melon types in 5 gallon containers last summer. Many were just ok, but this one tasted AWFUL! Perhaps I received impure seed? It took 24 days from the time it sprouted for it to flower and 70 days from sprouting to our first ripe melon. For those who might want to start early indoors, at 29 days from sprouting, the vine measured 28 inches long. The melons slipped on their own. Our melons grew in pairs, weighing 1 pound, 5 ounces and 1 pound, 7.5 ounces. On a good note, the melons emitted a wonderful tropical fragrance after sitting on the counter overnight. We ran out of warm weather, but the melon vine appeared to be forming a second batch of fruit because we had 3 pregnant females.

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