Red Lulu

The lulu is a fruit that is closely related to tomatoes and the so called tree tomato. In Central and South America Lulus are as commonly used as we use tomatoes. The folk down south have been using lulus for most likely thousands of years. What do they do with them? Well the adventurous eat them raw with a little salt on them. Most people use them to make refreshing slight;y acidic sweet or salty drinks. The pulp is squeezed out ( much like we squeeze oranges) and then the pulp is blended with either sugar or salt to taste. The drink is very popular everywhere that Lulus grow. This variety : the so called "Red Lulu" is a species of Lulu which has creamy juice, they are delicious. The plants are frost tender so they won't grow outdoors in areas that get freezes, however,it is a good bet that they will do well even in a large pot if rolled inside before the frost comes.


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