Rare-seeds-coverFREE COLOR CATALOG! Our beautiful 212 page catalog. Offering over 1700 rare, non-GMO seeds. Browse the largest selection of rare seeds in the USA. Complete with hundreds of high-quality color photos showcasing the variety and beauty of heirloom vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs.  

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THE WHOLE SEED CATALOG This special publication now in its 2nd year is a new addition that is sure to delight gardeners, foodies and historians everywhere. It is part catalog, plus so much more! Housed within its pages are the histories of rare seed varieties, anecdotes about growers, fresh garden recipes, preserving, organic tips, growing methods and an all around guide to living off the land. This publication is in addition to our popular, full-color Heirloom Gardener magazine which is published quarterly and is available by subscription and on newsstands. It is also in addition to our original, Free Baker Creek Seed Book which has become a favorite catalog among gardeners. Now 356 Pages ALSO, OFFERED ON NEWSSTANDS NATIONALLY.

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mini-hgOUR HEIRLOOM GARDENER MAGAZINE has about 13 feature-length articles per issue on topics covering all aspects of vegetable varieties and history, organic cultivation, antique flowers, marketing specialty produce, seed saving, gene-altered foods, exotic seed collecting trips, traditional uses for plants, and growing and historical facts about ethnic varieties.     ALSO, OFFERED ON NEWSSTANDS NATIONALLY.




Book-Vegan-cookbook-Baker-CreekOUR VEGAN COOKBOOK! The cookbook includes more than 125 vegan recipes ranging from Asian to Appalachian, including some from our own restaurant! Recipes are included for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. There are also canning and preserving tips, as well as our suggestions for food staple items to always have on hand.




Heirllom-Life-Gardener-BookTHE HEIRLOOM LIFE GARDENER BOOK is not just another boring how-to book based on the latest gardening trends. It is a fun-to-read book that weaves Jere's and Emilee's personal lives and life-long adventures in gardening into a resource of tried and true methods of gardening based on necessity and economy—the way it is done at Baker Creek. Both beginning gardeners and already successful gardeners will benefit from tips to help them avoid many costly mistakes. 240 pg. Hardcover. SPECIAL OFFER: BUY THIS BOOK AND RECEIVE A FREE, ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE HEIRLOOM GARDENER MAGAZINE.



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