Salad Blends

Butte, MT
November 14, 2013
Good start
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Great Start

What are the cons? I would like pictures


I have been wanting to start an indoor veggie garden for some time. It is not about the cost it is about the quality. Have a 4' x 4' smart pot tray liner that I built a box around. Don't really know what I am doing so I put all 250 seeds out. I think I have like 600 sprouts so far, or at least so it seems. Germination rate = incredible. The only thing I wish BCk would do different is allow for customer images. I will be thinning the heck out of my new little patch. Not sure long run how things will go but I know for sure I will have a few really fantastic salads. I am taking pics as I go because I am really excited to be learning something new that I really see nothing negative about so far. I used too many seeds but at only a few bucks it's one of the cheapest lessons I have ever learned. Wish me luck...I am hoping this will keep going til spring when I start my sunlight garden. T5 4' 8 bulb is my lighting. Cool consistent temp basement. Hoping for a great Thanksgiving :)

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By MontanaMark 14 Nov 2013

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