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Romanesco Italia Broccoli
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Romanesco Italia Broccoli 1 oz (1 oz seeds) (BR104C) $7.50

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Romanesco Italia Broccoli 1 oz

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The true and popular Italian heirloom with spiraling, apple-green heads that are so superbly flavored. This variety is widely grown in northern Italy. A must with many of the finest chefs.
Romanesco Italia Broccoli 1 oz
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Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

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April 13, 2012
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

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We live in central Pennsylvania and due to frost we really can't start putting plants or seeds in until late April, peas excluded. These took a while to mature but it was worth the wait. I think with more rain it would have done better. The 2011 summer was a very hot and extremely dry; 7 weeks without a drop of rain. We watered as much as the well would supply. Anyway the taste is hard to describe but they are delicious. Although they seem like hard green cone shaped cauliflower they taste like creamy broccoli like I have never tasted before; delicious. We are growing many more this year. Even though they seem like you need to cook or steam them a long time due to their firmness you do not. They soften quickly with steam or in a stew. I wish I could describe the flavor better, I guess you will have to grow some and find out how good they are yourself. Maybe imagine eating creamy broccoli with the texture of an artichoke heart, you can't go wrong with these. Also these had no worm trouble like the traditional green flowered broccoli which we have to soak in salt water to get the worms off; that if you're an organic grower of course. We planted them from seed in the ground; maybe starting them early indoors would have been a good idea but I have no idea. If I had known about over wintering I would have done that because the plants were exposed all winter and were growing early this spring in the garden but they were in too beat up to keep. I will cut them short and over mulch them next year for sure. Enjoy

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