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Garden Sorrel
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Sorrel - Garden (150 seeds) (HB260) $1.50

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Sorrel - Garden

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Garden Sorrel or Sour Dock (Rumex acetosa) Perennial--Delicious tart leaves are yielded spring thorough autumn; are used both fresh and cooked. The tangy, lemony flavor is caused by the high oxalic acid content in the leaves. Consumed in moderation, the thirst-quenching leaves are safe and nutritious, but excessive consumption should be avoided. Attracts wildlife, and if perfect for wild areas at the edge of the garden. The juice of the leaves has been used as a curdling agent for milk; seed and roots are also edible. Not the least bit fussy as to growing conditions--thrives in sun or part shade, acid soils and wet ground that supports little else. (Check shipping restrictions.)
Sorrel - Garden
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Easy to Grow 4.5
EarlyMaturity 4.0

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Strasburg, CO, United States
March 30, 2017
Robust Lemon Taste for Soups
Easy to Grow 4.5
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Easier to use than Lemongrass

What are the cons? Bugs eat it through summer


This is a very interesting way to include the taste of lemon in hot dishes that are Asian, Italian, or Mediterranean. Only about 1/2 cup chopped from Spring picking is good. My plant stands about 2 foot high. I have to keep cutting the long stalks that form seeds in the summer to prevent overgrowth and invasion. This is a real sturdy perennial that likes full sun and only average watering schedule.

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