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Spanish Black Carrot
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Spanish Black Carrot (35 seeds) (JS255) $4.00
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Spanish Black Carrot

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This wonderful dark carrot, is one of the old world carrots that are black/brown. The Black Spanish Carrot is whitish fleshed from the information we have from the grower. It is a very rare variety that is almost endangered even in Europe. Seed production takes two seasons. If you can store the carrots over winter in a cool place they will flower the next summer and produce seeds.

Spanish Black Carrot
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Palmetto, FL, United States
April 12, 2015
Well..a little disappointed.
Easy to Grow 0.5
EarlyMaturity 0.5

What are the pros? They are pretty

What are the cons? They are not black at all.


I was so excited to grow black carrots, I thought that they would be such a thrill and change in routine, and the color and health benefits. Unfortunately they are not black at all, but, more of a reddish purple just on the outside and white in the middle.. They are very earthy and super hard to chew almost like a parsnip not a good raw carrot to eat. Don't think I will try these again.

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