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We sell only select garden books that we ourselves enjoy! Having the right info is so important. Learning how to grow and save seed and reading the history of heirlooms is really exciting. NO ADDITIONAL POSTAGE CHARGE (above our normal order shipping fee) FOR BOOKS SHIPPED WITHIN THE USA!

Heirloom Life Gardener Book-- SPECIAL OFFER!

Baker Creek "The Heirloom Life Gardener" book HG114

Gardening the Baker Creek Way! 

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$29.95 $22.00
Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook

Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook BK267

The cookbook includes more than 125 vegan recipes ranging from Asian to... Read More
$19.99 $14.95
Blue Ribbon Vegetable Gardening

Blue Ribbon Vegetable Gardening: The Secrets To Growing The Biggest and The Best BK276

From author Jodi Torpey comes one of the best garden books ever!... Read More

Carrots Love Tomatoes

Carrots Love Tomatoes BK135

Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening by Louise Riotte... Read More
Clydes Garden Planner

Clydes Garden Planner CGP101

This unique chart presents gardening events in a "time phased" format... Read More

Easy Homemade Crackers Using Herbs

Easy Homemade Crackers Using Herbs BK446

New Edition! Making your own healthy crackers is so easy! You'll find... Read More
Good Bug, Bad Bug

Good Bug, Bad Bug BK180

By Jessica Walliser. The best book we have ever seen about insects in the... Read More
Great Herb Mixes You Can Make

Great Herb Mixes You Can Make BK139

By Jim Long. With this book you can start your own herb business, make... Read More
Home Remedies That Work

Home Remedies That Work BK447

By Jim Long. A collection of folk remedies the author has collected over... Read More
How to store your garden produce

How To Store Your Garden Produce (The Key To Self Sufficiency) BK182

By Piers Warren. This book has been completely revised and is the modern... Read More
Kids Mag

Kid's Magazine- Amazing Seeds - 25 copies BK273

This 32 page kid's guide to strange and wonderful garden veggies... Read More

Make your own hotsauce

Make Your Own Hot Sauce BK455

by Jim Long. A collection of basic recipes for making your own hot sauces,... Read More
Sensational Salsas

Sensational Salsas BK137

New Edition! By Jim Long. Fresh salsa is outstanding as a dip or as a... Read More
The 2017 Whole Seed Catalog

The 2017 Whole Seed Catalog ( U.S., Canada, And Mexico) WHS117

With 355 full-color pages of pure gardening delight, the new Whole... Read More

The Chinese Kitchen Garden

The Chinese Kitchen Garden BK275

By Wendy Kiang-Spray. First-generation Chinese American Wendy Kiang-Spray... Read More
The Chinese Kitchen Garden Collection and Book

The Chinese Kitchen Garden Seed Collection and Book CKB101

First-generation Chinese American Wendy Kiang-Spray grew up watching... Read More

The CSA Cookbook

The CSA Cookbook BK271

The CSA Cookbook will help you cook your way through a CSA box (or... Read More

2017 Rareseeds Catalog

The Rare Seed Catalog - First Class and International CAT117

Our beautiful 148 page 2017 catalog. Offering over 1800 rare Non-GMO... Read More

The Seed Garden - The Art and Practice of Seed Saving

The Seed Garden - The Art and Practice of Seed Saving BK224

Edited by Lee Buttala and Shanyn Siegel Filled with advice for the home... Read More
The 2017 Whole Seed Catalog

Whole Seed Catalog (With INTERNATIONAL Shipping) WHS117I


With 355 full-color pages... Read More

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