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African Daisy-Blue Disc

African Daisy-Blue Disc FL293

Annual Silvery white ray flowers offset the steel-blue “eyes” or centers.... Read More
Ageratum Leda

Ageratum Leda FL887

Miniature daisies in clusters, with petals so fine they look like glistening... Read More
Ageratum Mix

Ageratum Mix FL885

Old-fashioned favorite in gentle pastel tones of lavender, blue and white.... Read More
Alaska Mix - Nasturtium

Alaska Mix - Nasturtium FL500

Beautiful variegated green-and-white foliage with stunning red, yellow... Read More
Alaska Red Shades Nasturtium

Alaska Red Shades Nasturtium FL217

Annual. Stunning round-leafed nasturtium foliage is brightly variegated.... Read More
Alderman Petunia

Alderman Petunia FL567

Annual. Classic funnel-shaped petunia flowers, straight from the gardens... Read More
Alpenglow Pansy

Alpenglow Pansy FL223

Annual. Here’s a selection out of the Swiss Giants series that is sure... Read More
Alpine Mix Poppy

Alpine Mix Poppy FL957

(Papaver alpinum) Perennial range of colors, from white and slamon pink to... Read More
America Sweet Pea

America Sweet Pea SW101

Delightful white blossoms are striped with brilliant blood red! A favorite.... Read More
American Legion - Poppy

American Legion - Poppy FL585

(Papaver rhoeas) This Flanders poppy grew in Europe in the First World... Read More
Ammi, Bishop's Flower

Ammi, Bishop's Flower FL886

Annual. Sometimes called False Queen Anne’s Lace, but the dainty flower... Read More
Andrella Super Mix- Asters

Andrella Super Mix- Asters FL104

Large, open, single flowers are daisy-like and come in a myriad of bright... Read More
Angel Wings Mixed Schizanthus

Angel Wings Mixed Schizanthus FL618

Annual. Also known as Poor Man’s Orchid, because the flowers do resemble... Read More
Aomurask Zyouhanten

Aomurask Zyouhanten FL923

[Ao muraski zyouhanten shibori] Incredibly lovely product of centuries... Read More
Apple Blossom Snapdragon

Apple Blossom Snapdragon FL911

Lavish, full-sized old-fashioned snapdragons reaching 36 inches. Heavy... Read More
Apricot Twist, Calendula

Apricot Twist, Calendula FL147

This unusual calendula variety turned heads in the 2016 Baker Creek display... Read More
Arikara - Sunflower

Arikara - Sunflower FL736

This native variety produces tall 10-foot plants with many beautiful large,... Read More
Arikara - Sunflower 1 oz

Arikara - Sunflower 1 oz FL736C

This native variety produces 10-foot tall plants with many beautiful large,... Read More
Arkansas Green Lint Cotton

Arkansas Green Lint Cotton CT103

140 days--Here's a short-stapled cotton in varying shades of green. The... Read More
Aureus Yellow Lupine - Wildflower

Aureus Yellow Lupine - Wildflower WF110

WARNING: ALL PARTS OF PLANT ARE POISONOUS (Lupinus densiflorus) Annual.... Read More
Autumn Beauty - Sunflower

Autumn Beauty - Sunflower FL720

(Helianthus annuus) A beautiful sunflower! Many 6-inch flowers in brilliant... Read More
Autumn Beauty - Sunflower 1 oz

Autumn Beauty - Sunflower 1 oz FL720C

(Helianthus annuus) A beautiful sunflower! Many 6-inch flowers in brilliant... Read More
Avalune Mix Lupine

Avalune Mix Lupine FL411

WARNING: ALL PARTS OF PLANT ARE POISONOUS An excellent mix of dwarf lupines,... Read More
Aztec Sweet - Nicotiana

Aztec Sweet - Nicotiana FL523

Grows about 3 feet tall and has small, starry white blossoms that release... Read More
Azureus Blue - Sweet Pea

Azureus Blue - Sweet Pea SW160

(L. sativus azureus) Brilliant azure-blue flowers about 1 inch across,... Read More
Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila

Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila WF132

Annual. Charming and unusual wildflower. Blooms are an inch across, in... Read More
Baby Doll - Dianthus

Baby Doll - Dianthus FL320

(Dianthus chinensis) A lovely compact plant that produces an array of bright... Read More
Balcony Mix - Petunia

Balcony Mix - Petunia FL562

This old petunia was popular with gardeners throughout much of the first... Read More
Ball's Improved Orange - Calendula

Ball's Improved Orange - Calendula FL205

Pretty, double, 3-inch flowers are a deep orange color. They are great... Read More
Ballerina Mix - Datura

Ballerina Mix - Datura FL310

(Datura metel) A wonderful dwarf version of this lovely plant, growing... Read More
Beaujolais Sweet Pea

Beaujolais Sweet Pea SW134

Gorgeous, large, fragrant blossoms are a rich, burgundy wine color, truly... Read More
Beauty Formula Mix - Phlox

Beauty Formula Mix - Phlox FL570

(P. drummondii) A formula mix of crimson, lavender, white, scarlet and... Read More
Belinensis Red Yellow Sweet Pea

Belinensis Red Yellow Sweet Pea SW171

Annual—Strikingly different, recently discovered sweet pea species in a... Read More
Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland FL140

(Moluccella laevis) Hardy annual. Tiny white flowers in large green bell-shaped... Read More
Bellvue Mixed Abutilon

Bellvue Mixed Abutilon FL904

(Abution X) South American native often called "Flowering Maple" for the... Read More
Bird's Eyes - Wildflower

Bird's Eyes - Wildflower WF107

(Gila tricolor) Hardy annual. Often self-sows. Attractive tricolored flowers,... Read More
Black and White Minstrels Dianthus

Black and White Minstrels Dianthus FL329

Hardy annual. Dainty, fully double blooms in deepest maroon, almost black,... Read More
Black Boy - Bachelor's Button

Black Boy - Bachelor's Button FL162

Lovely, nearly black flowers are perfect for the old-fashioned cottage... Read More
Black King Pansy

Black King Pansy FL951

A truly royal flower, this rich, large pansy has gorgeous petals, a satiny,... Read More
Black Knight Sweet Pea

Black Knight Sweet Pea SW103

Dark purplish-maroon blossoms are nearly black! Introduced in 1898 by Henry... Read More
Black Peony - Poppy

Black Peony - Poppy FL582

(Papaver somniferum) We offer pure seed for this truly amazing, deep purple-black... Read More
Black Prince - Snapdragon

Black Prince - Snapdragon FL621

One of the best, this variety has beautiful dark leaves and stunning, very... Read More
Black Swan - Poppy

Black Swan - Poppy FL591

(Papaver somniferum) Gorgeous double flowers--frilly cut petals of burgundy... Read More
Black-eyed Susan - Wildflower

Black-eyed Susan - Wildflower WF101

(Rudbeckia hirta) Hardy annual. Often self-sows. A popular native variety... Read More
Black-eyed Susan - Wildflower 1 oz

Black-eyed Susan - Wildflower 1 oz WF101C

Hardy annual. Often self-sows. (Rudbeckia hirta)A popular native variety... Read More
Black-Eyed Susan Vine Mix

Black-Eyed Susan Vine Mix FL917

(Thunbergia alata) Tender perennial grown as an annual. Trumpet-shaped,... Read More
Blanche Ferry Sweet Pea

Blanche Ferry Sweet Pea SW104

Beautiful rose-red blossoms are blushed with white. Very profuse bloomer,... Read More
Blue Bedder Salvia

Blue Bedder Salvia FL253

Perennial, usually grown as an annual. Slender, intensely colored violet... Read More
Blue Boy - Bachelor's Button

Blue Boy - Bachelor's Button FL160

Colorful blue, double flowers on tall 3-foot plants bloom all season. Very... Read More
Blue Flax - Wildflower

Blue Flax - Wildflower WF120

(Linum perenne) This perennial flower was discovered on the Lewis & Clark... Read More
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