Asters, China

Callistephus chinensis) Asters originated in China. Annual.

 Crego Mix - Asters

Crego Mix - Asters FL103

This heirloom was introduced around 1900. Large, 4-inch flowers really... Read More
Giants of California Mix - Asters

Giants of California Mix - Asters FL105

A long-stemmed ostrich-feathered type that has unique curled petals. These... Read More
Andrella Super Mix- Asters

Andrella Super Mix- Asters FL104

Large, open, single flowers are daisy-like and come in a myriad of bright... Read More
Double Rainbow Mix - Asters

Double Rainbow Mix - Asters FL102

Colorful, double blooms come in a large variety of colors; strong stems... Read More

Giant Perfection Mix - Asters FL101

Beautiful, long-lasting cut flowers; an old-fashioned favorite. Asters... Read More
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