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Teddy Bear - Sunflower

Teddy Bear - Sunflower 1 oz FL724C

Beautiful 3-6-inch double, deep yellow blooms. Plants grow to only 18-24... Read More
Plains Coreopsis - Wildflower

Plains Coreopsis - Wildflower 1 oz WF104C

Hardy annual. Occasionally self-sows. Prefers a drier soil. (Coreopsis... Read More
Persian Carpet - Zinnia 1 oz

Persian Carpet - Zinnia 1 oz FL802C

Stunning gold, red, chocolate, orange, and cream. Many of the 2" double... Read More
Lilliput Mix - Zinnia 1 oz

Lilliput Mix - Zinnia 1 oz FL803C

Cute 1-1/2-inch beehive-shaped, double flowers in colors of white, yellow,... Read More
Lemon Queen - Sunflower 1 oz

Lemon Queen - Sunflower 1 oz FL722C

-Our best selling flower!- Beautiful lemon-yellow blooms with chocolate... Read More
Envy - Zinnia

Envy - Zinnia 1 oz FL800C

Exciting chartreuse-green blooms. They are very unique, and the beautiful... Read More
Cherry Queen - Zinnia

Cherry Queen - Zinnia 1 oz FL838C


Canary Bird - Zinnia 1 oz FL805C

Large dahlia-type blooms are a beautiful yellow, 4-5 inches across. Great... Read More
Camelia Flowered Mix - Balsam

Camelia Flowered Mix - Balsam 1 oz FL120C

Pre-1870 heirloom. Beautiful rose-shaped blooms in many colors: pink, lavender,... Read More
California Poppy - Wildflower

California Poppy - Wildflower 1 oz WF106C

Hardy annual. Often self sows (Eschscholzia californica) Early. The brilliant... Read More
Black-eyed Susan - Wildflower 1 oz

Black-eyed Susan - Wildflower 1 oz WF101C

Hardy annual. Often self-sows. (Rudbeckia hirta)A popular native variety... Read More
Autumn Beauty - Sunflower 2

Autumn Beauty - Sunflower 1 oz FL720C

(Helianthus annuus) A beautiful sunflower! Many 6-inch flowers in brilliant... Read More
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