Cockscomb & Celosia


Amish - Cockscomb

Amish - Cockscomb FL262

Orral and Joan Craig discovered this variety growing in an Amish garden... Read More
Cockscomb - Dwarf Coral Garden Mix

Dwarf Coral Garden Mix - Cockscomb FL266

(Celosia cristata) Beautiful color on short, dwarf plants, these can producelarge... Read More
Tall Mixed - Cockscomb

Tall Mixed - Cockscomb FL267

(Celosia cristata) These tall cockscombs are hard to find but offer a gorgeous... Read More
Amish White - Cockscomb

Amish White - Cockscomb FL268

(Celosia cristata) This lovely cockscomb comes from an Amish seed collector.... Read More
Celosia, Pampas Plume Mix

Celosia, Pampas Plume Mix FL905

(Celosia plumosa) To 28-48 inches. Full-sized plume-type celosia. The soft,... Read More
Celosia, Orange Peach

Celosia, Orange Peach FL269

Annual, to 48”. Stunning, large, very deeply folded crested-type cockcombs... Read More
Forest Fire Celosia

Celosia, Forest Fire FL176

Vivid bright scarlet flower heads really are reminiscent of flame! This... Read More
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