Hardy annual. Often self-sows.

Bright Lights - Cosmos

Bright Lights - Cosmos FL241

(Cosmos sulphureus) Brilliant flowers in shades of orange, yellow and flame-red;... Read More
Sensation Candy Stripe

Sensation Candy Stripe Cosmos FL246

(C. bipinnatus) Bushy border plant with ferny foliage and stunning large... Read More
Sensation Mix - Cosmos

Sensation Mix - Cosmos FL240

(C. bipinnatus) Beautiful shades of pink, crimson, white and rose. Tall... Read More
Redcrest - Cosmos

Redcrest - Cosmos FL244

An exciting cosmos that is loaded with amazing flame-colored flowers. A... Read More

Sea Shells Cosmos FL247

(Cosmos bipinnatus) Here’s something unusual for cottage gardens or for... Read More
Rubenza Cosmos

Rubenza Cosmos FL248

Deep rich ruby-red color is very unusual in a cosmos! Single blooms are... Read More
Cosimo Collarette Cosmos

Cosimo Collarette Cosmos FL249

Enchanting semi-double Cosmos in subtle stripes of shell-pink and white.... Read More
Cosimo Red-White Cosmos

Cosimo Red-White Cosmos FL250

Annual—Sumptuous, well-behaved dwarf cosmos, barely 2 feet tall, combined... Read More
Indonesian Kennikura - Cosmos

Indonesian Kennikura - Cosmos FL243

(C. sulfereous) Beautiful and tasty. Popular in Indonesian cuisine, and... Read More
Rubinato Cosmos

Rubinato Cosmo FL152

Here's an outstanding addition to the Cosmos clan—award-winning color on... Read More
Xanthos Cosmo

Xanthos Cosmo FL153

"Xanthos" means "yellow"in Greek. This one comes in a focused range of... Read More
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