Annual. Tubers may be lifted and stored for planting the following spring. We can only ship these within the US.

Unwin's Mix - Dahlia

Unwin's Mix - Dahlia FL300

(Dahlia hybrida) Colorful mix of rose, orange, yellow, crimson, purple... Read More
Cactus Flowered Mix Dahlia

Cactus Flowered Mix Dahlia FL301

(Dahlia variabilis) Full-sized Dahlia plants, reaching 4 ft tall, cover... Read More
Coltness Mix Dahlia

Coltness Mix Dahlia FL305

(Dahlia variabilis) Single flowers of this variety make a charming counterpoint... Read More
Red Skin Mix Dahlia

Red Skin Mix Dahlia FL302

(Dahlia variabilis) Rich bronze-red foliage makes this a standout! Semi-to... Read More
Mignon Single Mix Dahlia

Mignon Single Mix Dahlia FL184

Compact, rounded plants are a useful size, reaching about 20 inches—perfect... Read More

Opera Orange Dahlia FL304

(D. variabilis) Super dwarf dahlia for bedding or edging! Double flowers... Read More
Showpiece Double Mix Dahlia

Showpiece Double Mix Dahlia FL303

(Dahlia variabilis) Very uniform classic Dahlia-type flowers in pale yellow,... Read More

Starlight Mix Dahlia FL306

(Dahlia variabilis) Single, star-like flowers are held above plants seldom... Read More

Arthur Hambley Dahlia (1 Bulb) DH200

PRE-ORDER now! This beautiful rare type produces gorgeous fuscia flowers.... Read More

Mon Amour Dahlia (1 Bulb) PRE-ORDER DH400

This is sure to be a garden stunner! Upright stems support a Dutch summer... Read More

Smokey Dahlia DH402

PRE-ORDER Smokey! This Dahlia has smokey pink coloured petals flecked with... Read More
Kelvin Floodlight Dahlia

Kelvin Floodlight Dahlia (1 Bulb) DA102

PRE-ORDER - Order this variety now and we will ship you good-sized tubers... Read More
Thomas Edison Dahlia

Thomas Edison Dahlia (1 Bulb) DA103

PRE-ORDER - Order this variety now and we will ship you good-sized tubers... Read More
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