Annual. Tubers may be lifted and stored for planting the following spring. We can only ship these within the US.


Arthur Hambley Dahlia (1 Bulb) DH200

PRE-ORDER now! This beautiful rare type produces gorgeous fuscia flowers.... Read More

Mon Amour Dahlia (1 Bulb) PRE-ORDER DH400

This is sure to be a garden stunner! Upright stems support a Dutch summer... Read More

Smokey Dahlia DH402

PRE-ORDER Smokey! This Dahlia has smokey pink coloured petals flecked with... Read More
Kelvin Floodlight Dahlia

Kelvin Floodlight Dahlia (1 Bulb) DA102

PRE-ORDER - Order this variety now and we will ship you good-sized tubers... Read More

Opera Orange Dahlia FL304

(D. variabilis) Super dwarf dahlia for bedding or edging! Double flowers... Read More

Starlight Mix Dahlia FL306

(Dahlia variabilis) Single, star-like flowers are held above plants seldom... Read More
Coltness Mix Dahlia

Coltness Mix Dahlia FL305

(Dahlia variabilis) Single flowers of this variety make a charming counterpoint... Read More
Red Skin Mix Dahlia

Red Skin Mix Dahlia FL302

(Dahlia variabilis) Rich bronze-red foliage makes this a standout! Semi-to... Read More
Showpiece Double Mix Dahlia

Showpiece Double Mix Dahlia FL303

(Dahlia variabilis) Very uniform classic Dahlia-type flowers in pale yellow,... Read More
Cactus Flowered Mix Dahlia

Cactus Flowered Mix Dahlia FL301

(Dahlia variabilis) Full-sized Dahlia plants, reaching 4 ft tall, cover... Read More
Thomas Edison Dahlia

Thomas Edison Dahlia (1 Bulb) DA103

PRE-ORDER - Order this variety now and we will ship you good-sized tubers... Read More
Unwin's Mix - Dahlia

Unwin's Mix - Dahlia FL300

(Dahlia hybrida) Colorful mix of rose, orange, yellow, crimson, purple... Read More
Mignon Single Mix Dahlia

Mignon Single Mix Dahlia FL184

Compact, rounded plants are a useful size, reaching about 20 inches—perfect... Read More
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